Spilt Milk Projects is a booking, touring, and special events collective founded and run by musicians. We curate our special events and oversee each individual project with loving attention to detail. Our mission is to bring the best rock, noise, psych, pop, and esoterica to Miami, FL while providing touring musicians with the resources necessary for success. Spilt Milk Projects organizes the Look Alive Festival every year to coincide with the Miami's art season. We love collaborating and are open to fresh ideas from artists, musician, brands, and venues // est. 2012
  • Fourth of July done right in NYC.


    A:.H:. Independence Day Weekend NY


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  • reviewsintheworstway:

    Review by E. Fudd

    On the south-facing outside wall of Churchill’s in Little Haiti, there’s some signage that quips, “Under Old Management—Again.”

    As of 1:30 AM this morning, this charming, hokey truism is now moot. Dave Daniels—the white-maned, 73 year old from Stoke, England who opened…

    First order of business: clean the bathrooms.

    RIP: Churchill’s.

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  • Look Alive Fest 2014, Miami’s own musician-run underground fest, is open for submissions. Bands from 2013 included Wolf Eyes, Guardian Alien, Indian Jewelry, Pontiak, Nerve City, Rubber (O) Cement, and more.

    Bands: submit your music.

    Fans: stay in the loop.

    Agents: you know the drill.

    We’re beyond psyched to hear from you all. (A/J/M)

  • Brian Butler and Jaime Salazar are exhibiting work at Swampspace on Friday. Brian recently worked with Spilt Milk Projects for the Look Alive Fest. Jaime’s worked with me in the past on different projects, including a photo shoot for Teepee (Miami, FL) and photographing Chan Marshall (Cat Power). Both guys are solid folks and deserve all of the positive energy this show will afford them. Not to be missed!

    RSVP for Double Vision on Facebook

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  • thenewsstandnyc:

    "Thank you @8ballzines & @allday for providing such a special place. 🙏 #rip #thenewsstand" -69420666 

    The Newsstand was always closed when I visited NYC. Finally got to see it on my last trip up there. Very cool place. Spilt Milk Projects would love to collaborate with them in the near future. Stay warm dudes.

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  • 4-a-d:

    4AD welcome Merchandise [x]

    Couldn’t think of a better Florida band for 4AD. We had the pleasure of working with Merchandise for Art Basel 2012. Here’s hoping they come back soon.

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  • 285 Kent

    Seeing as how I’ve always felt at home in NYC’s music scene, I’m ringing in the new year at a show celebrating the end of one of the city’s best DIY venues, 285 Kent. Wolf Eyes is playing with a “special guest.” My guess, and it’s as good as any, is that it’s Black Dice. Their Chimes in Black Water series is classic.

    Anyone else from Miami going? Let me know: andrew@spiltmilkprojects.com.

  • Thanks for all of the support in 2013. Look Alive Fest is off to a great start. Here’s hoping Miami gets weirder, and the rest of the country pays attention. See you soon.

  • Look Alive Fest in 10 photos or less. These photos barely do the fest justice – great turnout, awesome attitudes, so much fun. All photos by Luis Guisasola. Top to bottom: Wolf Eyes, Pontiak, Rubber O Cement, Teepee (x2), White Mystery, Guardian Alien, Indian Jewelry (x2), Lil Daggers.

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